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7th-Jul-2008 05:05 am(no subject)
Hello ^^

Black:List are coming to Europe in October 2008. More information soon.
It says Exist+Trace and Black:List so it may be a coupling tour *sigh*
But either way; they're coming!!! ... more news soon!

Source: [Cross Minds Talent Agency MYSPACE]

12th-Jun-2008 10:18 am - PV in VOB + grief lyrics
Hello Volks^^
Don't know if someone is interested, but i tipped the lyrics of 'grief'
and think I post them here too.

Track 2: grief


Useless pain thrusts a brest.
Don't forget it.
Then engrave it.

The shout of pain.

You will know it.
A lie in the bottom of the skin.
You will know it.
Regret false criticsm.

I will know it.
Believe which?

Sorrow with no end.
accept all

Under the sun.
Do you reach if you cry where?


Also since I got my copy, I'm still uploading the PV 'throw hope away' in vob. It'll take some time, but if someone is interested can send me a private message.
I wont post it here, only on my LJ which is friends only.

ja ne,
26th-May-2008 01:13 pm - Searching 'Melancholy' by Black:List
is someone selling the Single 'Melancholy' by Black:List?
I'm searching it so much. If someone has it for sell,
please write me a comment~

I'm also searching the Comment CD/DVD which came with pre-order...

thank you~
10th-Oct-2007 01:44 am - gemmik pimpage~
Finally got the gemmik comm up and running!! If you are a SR fan please join the comm to learn more about gemmik!! They are so great ;~;!!
18th-Mar-2007 09:26 pm - //Mod Public Post//
Tomozo chibi
This is your typical public post telling you the basic rules of the community. Please show everyone respect, keep all entries friends locked, and try to stay on the subject of Black:List. This is a band under Sequence Records and has our favorite person as guitarist, Tomozo~! If you have any questions or comments feel free to contact one of your mods. If you would like to affiliate please reply to the that appropriate post.

Hideko, Mija, and Miku
18th-Mar-2007 09:11 pm - //Affiliates//
kaname gaze
If you would like to affiliate with this community reply here.

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